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Shinnecock Welcomes New Trustees

Updated: Apr 4

We are excited to announce a historic milestone for the Shinnecock Indian Nation: the election of our first female chairwoman, Lisa Goree. This is the first time a woman has held this esteemed position since the trustee system was established in 1792. Goree, with her extensive experience as the Town Assessor for Southampton Town, brings a wealth of knowledge and well-established relationships that will surely strengthen the bond between The Nation and the local government.

With Goree's appointment, the number of women serving as trustees has increased from two to three. This is a significant milestone, particularly considering that Shinnecock women were not permitted to vote until 1994.

Daniel Collins Sr. has returned to a leadership position at Sachem. His daughter, the current COT Secretary Bianca Collins, serves alongside him. This makes them the first father-daughter duo to serve together on the Council.

We also welcome the return of Lance Gumbs as Vice Chairman and celebrate the reelection of Linda Franklin as Sunksqua. They join Seneca Bowen, Bianca Collins, and Germain Smith on the council, and we look forward to their contributions.

We extend our gratitude to esteemed leaving trustees Chairman Bryan Polite, Vice Chairman Randy King, and Sachem Charles K. Smith II, and thank them for their years of dedication and hard work.

Congratulations to all elected members and we look forward to a future filled with prosperity and growth.

Congratulations new leaders, Creator protect and show them the way

(Wunnegan wuski-nánuwiwin, Manito apqáwôk ta nôhtuy nákumôw máy)

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