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Shineecock Presbyterian Church

The Shinnecock Presbyterian Church

The Shinnecock Presbyterian Church is the oldest continuous reformed Indian congregation in the United States and has served the Shinnecock people since the late 1600’s. Throughout the years of generational, cultural, and spiritual changes, the Shinnecock Presbyterian Church remains a place to gather and offer prayers of thanksgiving and hope for the continued health, prosperity, and unity of the people.

The Shinnecock Presbyterian Church strives to remain a foundation of faith and family in today’s busy world. The Session welcomes all who wish to join our family of faith. Our Church is Presbyterian in structure and tradition, but our native cultural identity is woven into every worship service and function. Our church participates in Christian holidays, as well as our special days such as June Meeting and “Powwow Sunday,” which celebrate our own traditional values of family, gratitude, generosity, remembrance and the passing on of oral history to ensure a future that honors the past.

We welcome you to our home and extend an invitation to worship with us on any given Sunday. We wish peace be with you and may your travels be blessed. The Shinnecock Presbyterian Church of the Shinnecock Indian Nation welcomes you and hopes you enjoy your time with us.


Moeuwehlomongash wutche Presbytery of Long Island pakodtantam kodnetutauonk, weetateamonk kah nooswetamunat Christ ussenat nutanakausuonk Evangelist.

“The Presbytery of long Island as a partnership of churches, commits itself to deepening discipleship, building community, and obeying Christ’s call to mission and evangelism.”

The mission statement of the Presbytery of Long Island as translated into the Shinnecock language, by one of the tribal language teacher/researcher.

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