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The Department of Administration includes the Executive Director of Tribal Operations, Administrative Office Manager, and Recording Secretary.  The purpose of this department is to ensure implementation of the policies, laws, and budgets as directed by the COT. The department provides for effective management of Tribal programs to ensure continuity of services to Tribal members and other reservation residents. The Executive Director reports regularly and frequently to the COT on the status of Tribal projects,  departments, programs, and any issues, concerns, and accomplishments of  the Nation’s staff.  The Office Manager provides direct communication to Tribal community members about the organization’s operations. In coordination with the COT Secretary the Recording Secretary , ensures that minutes, resolutions, codes and all other associated  records of the Trustees and the Nation are properly maintained


The Executive Director provides oversight and supervision of individual Tribal departments and programs to ensure that they are developing  appropriate work plans and carrying out their assigned tasks, complying with relevant contract provisions, regulations and law, and following the policy and long-term planning directives of the COT. The department works in consultation with the Finance office to  ensure accurate projections of revenue and expenditures, and recommend budgets for all operations, investments and reserves, taking into consideration short and long-term  Tribal goals and economic self-sufficiency as directed by the COT.  Implement and authorize expenditures in accordance with Fiscal  Management Policies, approved budgets, and consultation with the COT. The Executive Director works in consultation with the program directors,  Human Resources, and the COT to ensure that proper hiring, supervising,  and disciplining of personnel is conducted pursuant to the policies and procedures approved by the COT in the Nation’s Employee Handbook. Finally the department assists the COT in planning and goal setting and ensures implementation of such  plans and goals as directed by the COT. The Executive Director regularly reports to the COT on  progress made towards achieving goals.

Jason Cofield

Director of Tribal Operations

Office: (631) 458-1230
Tribal Office: (631) 283-6143



Trevon Jenkins

Administrative Office Manager

Office: 631-283-6143

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