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Shinnecock General Council

The General Council shall serve to promote and protect the health, public welfare, safety, education, ad cultural and political sovereignty of the citizens of the Shinnecock Indian Nation.


The General Council shall consist of the eligible voters of The Nation. Members of the General Council shall consist of all adult citizens, at least twenty-one (21) years of age, who reside on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation for a minimum of at least six (6) months prior to an election or vote, a said member will participate in, or as may be changed by a referendum vote of the General Council through Voting Ordinance. This body of eligible voters shall be referred to herein as the “General Council”.


Powers of the General Council The General Council shall retain all authority and powers inherent to The Nation except as to such powers specifically delegated to the Council of Trustees, or such other entities as it may establish. Members of the General Council the rights, responsibilities and powers shall include but not limited to:


a) To elect from its members, seven (7) Officers that will serve on the Council of Trustees;


b) To demand timely and accurate reports from the Council of Trustees when further clarification and information is warranted;


c) To ratify the annual budget of The Nation;


d) To participate in the development and approval of The Nation’s Comprehensive Plan; and,


e) Through a petition process, the General Council shall have the collective powers of recall, initiative, referendum, and Constitutional amendment.

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