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My Brother's Keeper Update

I wanted to share some exciting news regarding recent developments with the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) initiative and our partnership with Libra Group, spearheaded by Shawn Smith and Trustee Germain Smith.

Recently, George Logothetis, the Executive Chairman of Libra Group and a prominent figure within the MBK Alliance, reached out to Shawn and Trustee Germain. As you may know, George Logothetis is renowned for his global business acumen, with assets and operations spanning nearly 60 countries. Based in New York City, he also serves on the Board of Directors of President Barack Obama’s MBK Alliance.

In December, Shawn and Trustee Germain had the incredible opportunity to provide George with a tour of Shinnecock. Impressed by our community, George extended an invitation for members of MBK and Black Girl Magic, which we aim to integrate within the MBK framework, to tour his NYC offices. While at the Libra Group office, the boys and girls engaged in 3 different workshops focused on networking, personal branding and public speaking.

George also took the time to have an hour long Q and A with the students. During their interaction, George expressed admiration for Shinnecock, even mentioning to our youth that he spoke glowingly about our community in a recent conversation with President Obama.

Moreover, George discussed the potential for internships for our Shinnecock youth within his organization. Given his longstanding involvement with MBK since its inception in 2014 and his close ties with the White House, George has committed to facilitating a trip to Washington DC in the fall for select members of our MBK and Black Girl Magic groups.

This presents a tremendous opportunity for our children to gain exposure to the corporate world and forge meaningful connections that can shape their futures positively. I've attached a few pictures from the NYC trip for your reference.

I want to extend special thanks to Shawn Smith and Natasha Jeffries for their dedicated advocacy on behalf of our children, inspiring them to reach for new heights.

Trustee Germain Smith

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