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Visit from Secretary Haaland

Updated: Jun 29

On Friday, June 28, the US Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, made an official visit to Shinnecock. During her visit, she met with both current and former trustees. They discussed various concerns and issues pertinent to the community, particularly focusing on matters such as land determination and the effects of wind farms on our waters.

In addition to meeting with our leaders, Secretary Haaland also toured several key community locations. She visited the Wunechunck Shinnecock Preschool, the Family Preservation Center, and the Health Center to understand the facilities and services available to the Shinnecock Community. She also visited the Shinnecock Cemetery, Cuffee’s Beach, and Westwoods to appreciate the natural beauty of Shinnecock.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to Madam Secretary Deb Haaland for taking the time to visit Shinnecock and for showing genuine interest in our Nation. We hope to continue working closely with her in the future to address our concerns and improve the lives of our Shinnecock citizens.

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