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The Community Health Worker Program is located on the Territory and operates out of the Shinnecock Indian Health Center.  The Program is over 20 years old and its mission is to improve Shinnecock family overall health and welfare through social support, advocacy, outreach and social services.  Native children and families should have access to community based, culturally appropriate services that allow them to grow up safe and healthy, spiritually strong, and free from abuse (physical, verbal and or sexual) and neglect. The Department works with a commitment to strength and preserve Shinnecock families and to prevent out of home placement and maintain family ties and responsibilities, to reunify families and provide kinship permanent placement plans for children who cannot return home.   The CHWP also keeps an updated inventory of Enrolled members American Indian Health Prescription cards (AIH), and the Eye Med cards which allows for glasses and eye exams.  The program has two staff members that work closely together and conference frequently with the Tribal Executive of Operations with updates and matters of concern within the Territory. The program was very active in the Community with an Annual Health Fair and Wholistic Parenting and Wellness Workshops until the Covid 19 Pandemic, almost of our work is now remote. 

The CHWP has two offices in the Shinnecock Health Clinic, Joan Williams, Health Advocate keeps immaculate records of all interactions with clients, and sends health correspondence through the Nations Voice Newsletter and mailings. Joans offices also houses all of our documents.

Paula Collins, Program CHWP Program Coordinator and appointed CPS/ICWA Tribal Liaison works closely with families in need of services and is the point person for Suffolk County Child Protective Service Units.

Paula Collins

CHWP Coordinator

631-287-6476 or 631-523-6212

Joan Williams

Health Advocate


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