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Shinnecock youth in full regalia.

The Boys & Girls Club of Shinnecock Nation provides support for the physical, social, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial wellbeing of Shinnecock youth to help reduce substance use and suicidal behavior by providing them with various resources, activities, and opportunities. The goal of this program is to ease the impacts of adult substance abuse, mental illness, and trauma in the Shinnecock Tribal community. Our intention is to create a comfortable environment, so we can develop trust with our youth and open communication to support them as they transition into adulthood. Consistent programming based around the pro-social concept and Shinnecock culture is offered. Our “Clubhouse” is a safe space for Shinnecock youth, ages 4-18 to congregate and a place to promote education and sharing amongst many different generations with amenities such as: technology, games, a meditation room, and modern decor.


The Boys & Girls Club of Shinnecock Nation provides drug/alcohol prevention and mental health education, exercise classes, wellness and recreational activities, skill-building, vocational and financial courses, fundraising activities, volunteering, family and community engagement activities, and so much more! The Clubhouse is open in the evenings and on weekends, which are the hours when alcohol and drug use usually increase.


We love, honor, and support our youth. We educate them, so they can increase their awareness of who they are as Shinnecock people and boost their confidence. Through education, we will empower our youth to grow into healthy, strong-minded, well-versed adults that will want to contribute positively back into our community and abandon the thought of using alcohol and/or drugs to cope with life. 

Dyashwa Sylvester



PO Box 5006

Southampton, NY 11969


Membership forms are required for participation in all Boys & Girls Club of Shinnecock Nation activities. Please fill out the 2022 Membership Form using the link below and return to the Clubhouse or email it to

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