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Share your voice: Opportunity to contribute to study on Shinnecock relationships to Fire

The Shinnecock Nation Cultural Resources Department, Environmental Department, University of Waterloo, and the New York Botanical Garden have partnered to research climate change impacts facing the Nation. The project entitled "Shinnecock Indicators of Climate Change Impacts" (SICCI) explores our unique history of environmental stewardship through ethnobotany and ecological sciences. The first phase of the project aims to document Shinnecock relationships with Fire.

We will be reaching out to Tribal Elders and if you or anyone you know would like to participate in an interview please complete the survey link here:

Additionally, you may complete the form as well if you would like to receive a copy of the study results.

Josephine Smith - Director of the Shinnecock Nation Cultural Resources Department

Sunshine Gumbs - Project Manager, Shinnecock Ethnobotany Program

Dr. Kelsey Leonard - University of Waterloo

Dr. Alex McAlvay - New York Botanical Garden

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