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Introducing SAJE

Shinnecock Advocates for Justice & Equality

We would like to introduce the newly organized SAJE Project to the Shinnecock community. The program originated from the Blossom TOR Project in conjunction with the Shinnecock TOR Project. During committee discussions of combating the epidemic of substance misuse, which usually ends with incarceration, and, unfortunately, demise, everyone agreed that as a Nation we are not addressing the root issues, & causes, and we have not responded to those affected by these misfortunes with a positive or engaging manner.

After various meetings with outside community leaders who work with the different organizations throughout Long Island that address substance misuse, and the challenges that come along with it, we realized that our Nation’s members were not receiving the same opportunities or treatment as our outside neighbors. As a result, many of our members have gone through the criminal justice system instead of being offered mental, physical or substance misuse treatment services. The effects of being in the criminal justice system are life changing and diminish the opportunities and self-esteem of many.

The committee circulated a survey back in November to see what family members of our incarcerated tribal members wants, needs and hopes were, for themselves and loved ones. Some of the responses were, mental and physical health services, cultural resources and ceremonies, and some form of connectivity with current events on Shinnecock to ensure inclusion and awareness. In addition, requests for reentry services, such as a traditional welcoming, counseling, job training opportunities, and support with housing and assistance with transportation to parole and probation appointments.

Please stay tuned for updates and upcoming events!

If you are interested in joining our community meetings, we meet once a month at 5:30PM

Please contact Meesha Johnson at:

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